The Wedding story by Julianne Homokay (character analysis)

A storyteller started his fairy tale by presenting a wedding cake with a statue of a couple on top of it. The storyteller in front of the children started to describe how the couple met, how they fell in love and decided to marry, how their reception in Vermont was and how their honeymoon in Vegas would be. Shortly, it was a description of a perfect life from a perfect couple. But the figures on the cake somehow turned into a living being, and began to argue against whatever the storyteller said. They wanted the Storyteller to tell the truth, that what happened with them was nothing like in tale at all. In the real life, they used to fight a lot and they met at a bar not in high school. Nevertheless, the Groom and Bride kept interrupting it. Fed up with the debate, the storyteller finally agreed to tell the truth.

There is a lot of tension between the groom and the bride that is reflected by the tone of their voices and the words they say. The couple is both the protagonist and antagonist of the story,the provocative incident, that changes the normal life, occurs as the narrator begins to tell this story of the bride and groom. The narrator states that they were high school sweethearts but he is interrupted by the groom who says that they weren’t high school sweethearts, and that they met at a bar, and dated on and off because the bride liked to “be around” foreign men. This incident changes this cheerful mood of this calming narrator telling a bedtime story, to a tense angry mood. This tension keeps rising throughout the play, as the narrator keeps trying to come up with lies to keep the story suitable for the children, and as the couple continues to correct these fake facts about their lives. As this progresses, the narrator becomes more and more stressed and the couple starts to become angry with one another as more aspects of their past are brought up. Tensions rise to the highest point until finally the narrator explodes and tells the children the real story of this couple, revealing many things that aren’t suitable for minors, and it ends with the couple in shock that he would tell their story to the kids.




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